Professional Consultants certificate’ inspection for new build and conversions, an alternative to warranties/guarantees, for building developments when detailed Plans and construction are inspected as the projects progress in conjunction with Local Authority/Approved Inspector Building Control.

Pearl are specialist providers of Professional Consultants Certificates stage payments for such as Bank Monitoring can also be authorised, and a certificate is issued on completion which is acceptable to all major lending institutions for funding purposes.

If a property development is to be sold, rented or financed against upon completion, a form of relief that is recognised by the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) will need to be in place on the property.

This can come in the form of a Building Warranty or in the form of a Professional Consultants Certificate (PCC).

Our certificates can be taken for six years and as there is no premium element, meaning on average you can save over 50% when compared to a structural warranty or latent defects insurance product.

Lenders are asked to lend money on different types of construction every day. It is probably true to say that there are more types of construction in the UK than in almost any other country in the world. And the number of different types is growing. The house building industry is changing. Market forces are driving the industry to reconsider their approach to serving their customers. Government agendas on construction, planning policy and building regulations are forcing the industry to reconsider the way houses are built. These issues together with a construction skills shortage and a huge demand for new houses means that innovative construction types are being developed and used.

For lenders the issue is not only the new construction types but also the old ones which may not have performed as well as was intended. They need to protect their existing and their new book. Experiences in the past may well affect lenders’ willingness to lend on new construction types which are unfamiliar and which may appear to exhibit some of the same characteristics as those they have had problems with in the past. It is critical that the dwelling holds its value in the medium to long term to offer suitable security for the loan. It is sometimes difficult to assess this with so many construction types on the market.

Pearl specialise in providing certificates for non-traditional construction both past and present including, Timber frame, Telford steel framed, Cornish Unit Type, Swedish Timber, The British Iron and Steel Federation, Dorlonco steel-framed houses, large panel system dwellings, Unity and Airey (pre-cast concrete), Wimpey No-fines and Easiform (cast in-situ concrete) amongst others.